Pencil : new Chchwy branch !

There is Wrinkles? a great news on the forums :

Dear all,

I’m ‘Business a pencil CREAM lover, and I start a new pencil fork cheap jerseys last month :

Currently I’m trying Development to simplified the program structure, the old code base is not cheap nba jerseys well-organized, I believe it stop the cheap nfl jerseys growth of pencil, code is wholesale nba jerseys too complicated to add new features.

I for will be appreciated if somebody could give me some feedback (features, bugs, cheap mlb jerseys etc..)



3 thoughts on “Pencil : new Chchwy branch !

  1. Cirus

    Glad “Pencil” is returning to life, thanks chchwy!

    I like the new improvements, the shortcuts were so necessary, thank you for implementing them. After you improved and simplified the code, a new bug appeared (0.5.2b version) -> the edit view seems to catch events from outside its boundrect. -> The mouse works fine but when I press the tablet pen over any tool button, the events are sent to the edit view instead of the buttons and they can’t be pushed.

    It seems like a relative vs absolute coordinates of mouse/tablet event problem, wish I could help you to debug that but it’s the first time I use repositories so I’m a bit slow now.

    Hope it helps!


  2. David

    I am also glad that Pencil is coming back to life. THANKS !

    I downloaded the Mac build and am running it on Mac OS 10.7.5 , working in Pencil with a Cintiq tablet. I’m find that sometimes if I draw several strokes quickly that the app hangs (spinning beachball) for 10 – 30 seconds. Not sure if anyone else using it on Mac is reporting this hanging issue , but just wanted to let you know .

    1. gordie Post author

      Hi David, thanks for the bug report.
      It’s better to report them on the forums; which I did for u here.
      Feel free to register to the website !


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