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Giving us some informations about your usage of Pencil2D can help us make priorities.  We would be gratefull if you would answer some of those questions !


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11 thoughts on “User feedback

  1. mikshaw

    I voted “no” for vectors, but really i’m indifferent. I often wished Flash had better support for bitmaps (maybe it does now…this was years ago), and thought vectors were kind of a weird thing to draw and animate. However, vector art allows you to export at any resolution you want with no loss of image quality, so i can understand people wanting it. As long as Pencil continues to improve its bitmap tools, i have no problem at all with them putting work into vectors as well.

  2. abelnacho86

    hi there, i’m new in this web site and i really don’t know what it is about. i have been working with pencil 2d for about 2 years and i think it’s a great tool for traditional animation. i got myself into this cuz i also like 2d animation and i have done some project with pencil 2d which i’d like you to have a look, but i don’t know how to post them. so i’m hoping you guys can help me.

  3. wisjnu

    Hello, i think Pencil need to focus on bitmap only. Every animation software that i know only focus on 1 thing. Toonboom, Anime studio focused on vector. TVpaint, digicell flipbook, PAP (plastic animation paper) focus on bitmap only. Pencil just need improvements and i love pencil simplicity.

    I wish pencil can/have :
    – animate drawing layer like pan, zoom, scale.
    – if we can animate drawing layer, there should be some mark on layer keyframe if there any transformation (pan, zoom, scale) or maybe we need info / properties toolbar that store information about translation, rotation and scale.

    I like the power of drawing tools in tvpaint software and like the coloring technologies in digicell flipbook. Hope pencil get better especially in drawing and coloring. In pencil, i never get smooth result with pencil and brush tool (or maybe its just because of my old drawing tablet)

    I am a illustrator and animator 2d/3dblender. And i use Pencil for make 2d effects, simple animation and animatic storyboard.

    Thankyou for bring this great tools alive again, and i hope Pencil goes better and better. Sorry for bad english, Good luck and success for the developer. Thankyou.

  4. Todor

    I think it should support vectors to a level needed to ink a drawing.
    Currently it doesnt. The pen tool is not properly estimating my strokes, it tries to autosmooth poorly.

    what you get is a bad stroke that is not even smooth- has tons of needless vertices.

    when you try to edit them with the smudge tool you realize that you cannot delete ot add vertices, you cannot select more than one.

    At that point I gave up using mypaint for anything but pencil tests.

  5. gtmike

    I’ve been using Pencil for 4 years. When I started with the original version it fit my needs well and as I modified my techniques I found it to be a great tool for my development toolbox. I love that development came alive again in 2D. I use 2D and the original version almost every day.

    When I want to work out a new animation I do all the rough work in Pencil bitmaps. I start by creating a storyboard layer and a frame for each picture of the sequence. then another layer to work out movement. I slide the storyboard frames apart and animate a character.

    I do final Ink and paint in Inkscape, frame by frame and load the individual cells back into another Pencil project by layers and run it for quality. All work is done by short scene, sequence takes and edited in Lightworks or Camtasia for final.

    I have ToonBoom and many other professional tools but Pencil and Inkscape are my favorites. The are both free and simple to use. The output is good and I just save a lot and ignore most of the bugs. I like PAP and Monkeyjam too for doing quick sketches and daily rushes out of my cells.

  6. wallacecalvin

    I have got a problem… I can’t see what I Draw at the layer. every time I up the pencil de draw desapear, but when I create a new folder the draw exists and I see it, but I can’t draw If I can’t see what I’m drawing

  7. Nick

    Let me be clear – I voted yes for vector support, BUT that doesn’t mean I think it should be our focus right now. I think it’s very important that we get the basics working properly before we start on any of the fancy stuff.


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