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    First of all is a pleasure to have Pencil2D back.

    I like the realtime response of its tools…
    but I think it lacks of a standard X-sheet window like original way, like an excel grid cells divided by layers.. what do you think about replacing the timeline with x-sheet?. or at least keep both and user selects which one to use.

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    I’d want both. I’m not sure how to use a x-sheet so a timeline is better for me, but I don’t want to be the only comfortable one.

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    X-sheet is the original way cartoon are made.
    is like a vertical timeline, like an excel sheet where you can drag, insert in-middle frames, resize time, etc… is very useful, original and is easier to use than timeline…!

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    Jose Moreno
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    @digimickey Hey. I understand your requirement, and I don’t think it is a bad idea, I’ll gladly make the suggestion to implement an x-sheet panel so we can have a proper discussion with the developers about this. I’ll post the link back once I’ve been able to do this.

    However we have to bear in mind that despite being the original way animation masters timed their work, this was so they could provide clear instructions to the camera man. However the digital era has almost erased the need for a camera middle man since it’s been thought of democratizing the animation capabilities of independent animators and small animation teams

    More and more animation and compositing programs have brought forth the concept of the timeline, which in reality could be seen as a “rotated” or “tumbled” x-sheet. Layers are akin to levels, and frames are akin to the camera

    Many modern professionals have accustomed themselves to using a timeline, and even programs like TVPaint which is all about “tradigital” animation, fashions this but they compensate by having the alternative X-sheet window for veteran animators.

    It might take time for this feature to be available, or even implemented into Pencil2D. If you must have it, I suggest trying out OpenToonz which is geared for a more professional environment in traditional animation.

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    Thanks for your kind reply Jose.

    I have used many animation software.. have bought Digital Flipbook once, tried TVPaint, then Opentoonz, the two first are good, but I think free ones can do very similar things of course for free.. no way to think what to use of course since I´m a gameDev more than a professional animator. I really love Opentoonz, but it has a noticeable lag on their tools, Pencil2D is really fast in response, fully drawable, indeed, it has all to do Disney stuffs, but for some old peoples (and me) are very easy to use X-sheet, TimeLine is good and is easy for people coming from Flash I think..

    I hope you implement X-Sheet on Pencil2D someday!.. in the meanwhile I can stay with timeline doing sprite animations for my games..

    Thanks Again

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