Lags up to 20 seconds when i use my Huion 610pro

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    Whenever I use my Huion 610Pro drawing tablet, i always get tons of lag, and the software is drawing something i drew 20 seconds ago. do you have any solutions to this? (I checked, the tablet is not the problem.)

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    Jose Moreno
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    @planeguy102 Hi, we like to encourage users to let us know which version of the software they are using and which OS they have on their computers, otherwise is rather difficult to asses how to approach each individual report.

    With that said, a few users reported similar issues recently. Most of them solved it by using the latest development update which you can download here:

    If, after using the newest Nightly Build, you still experience this problem, please post a new comment on the developer forum under this thread and i’ll make sure our lead developer get’s the message:

    Thank you for your patience, hopefully Pencil2D can grow better overtime.

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