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Pencil : new Chchwy branch !

There is a great news on the forums :

Dear all,

I’m a pencil lover, and I start a new pencil fork last month : https://bitbucket.org/chchwy/pencil2d

Currently I’m trying to simplified the program structure, the old code base is not well-organized, I believe it stop the growth of pencil, code is too complicated to add new features.

I will be appreciated if somebody could give me some feedback (features, bugs, etc..)



Pencil2D (Pencil Development Fork)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to create a fork of Pencil. The fork is called Pencil2D.

The goal of the fork is to

  1. produce working versions of Pencil2D for OSX, Windows and Linux,
  2. fix existing bugs and problems in the codebase, and
  3. if time permits, look at adding new features.

Currently, Pencil has not had any code commits for over a year so I’m hoping that the fork will reinvigorate the development process. A major problem that Pencil is currently facing is that software that Pencil uses (such as Qt, FFMPEG, etc.) has moved on and changed. This means that Pencil no longer builds.

In addition to this, the current Pencil repository needs a spring clean. It contains several unfinished branches, the status of which is unclear.

Anyone is welcome to join the Pencil2D project at whatever level they wish.

Those interested in Pencil2D can use the discussion forums for any information they require.

If, at a later stage, the original Pencil project gets moving again I’d be happy to consider working together.


Chris Share