Repository moved!

Hi all,

Pencil’s source code repository has moved to new place.

Thanks to Robin, he contacted Konstantin (morevna) and me after he saw Pencil, Pencil, and Pencil, a report about Pencil’s current situation on

After some discussion, we decide to create ONE merged repository that contains all commit history include Oluseyi, morevna, and chchwy branch. I believe users and potential contributors would benefit with an active Pencil repo.

Old repositories are no longer maintained.


2 thoughts on “Repository moved!

  1. kaiko


    I would like some explanations here.
    I really don’t get it when you say that you have a new place for your code. I think I made the wrong assumption that the place in which you got a table with issues from Pencil was no longer available, the same for the tab with the download version of pencil, but I went there and you have updated the download tab.

    Sorry, I am certainly making a mistake else where


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