Introducing Pencil2D 0.6

Today, we’re proud to release the new version of Pencil2D. For all of you who have been following closely it might not be a substantial release, but with this we want to let everyone know: We are working on it! Pencil2D will not die, and this is the first step of many towards the right direction.

We certainly wouldn’t be here without the help of every person that has been involved with the project at one time or another for these past years. And so we give you all our heartfelt thanks.

Soon we will announce several other important bits that will help Pencil2D get on track. We hope to count with your further support to improve the project beyond everyone’s expectations.

Please visit the link to find a more detailed description and “what’s new” if you’re coming from version 0.5.4, which was released almost 4 years ago!!!

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