A camera layer lets you define a particular view, with a certain aspect ratio, within your unlimited canvas.

In camera mode (camera track selected) you can do camera moves, rotations and zooms by using the hand tool. (Move with hand tool, zoom with ctrl+hand tool and rotate with alt+hand tool.) Keyframes is created on the current frame and interpolation between frames are linear.

You can set the name of the camera layer as well as the resolution of the camera by double clicking the camera layer. You can create as many camera layers you like with different resolution, moves etc. Just make sure to select the desired one when rendering.

NOTE: A camera layer is already available by default when creating a new document.

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    1. Jose Moreno

      Hi, if you have issues with Pencil2D please try to post on the forum so we can attempt to provide you with further support.

      Also try to be descriptive about the problem you’re experimenting. If it’s possible try to record a video and make it so only people with the link can view it.

      To move the camera you usually have to use the hand tool, but you need at least two keyframes to let the program create the motion between different screen positions.


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