How to build Pencil2D Step by Step

How to build Pencil2D Step by Step

Last update: 2014 June 4

Pencil2D is written in C++ and Qt framework, so first of all, you need a C++ compiler and Qt Libraries. This guide is based on Qt 5.3 for Windows and Mac OS X.

This is an step by step guide to help you build Pencil from source.
Total 4 steps:

  1. Install a C++ compiler.
  2. Install Qt Library.
  3. Get the source code.
  4. Configure and build Pencil.

Step 1. Install a C++ compiler.

Mac OS X: Download and install the latest Xcode (free, but requires an Apple ID).
Then go to Xcode->Preference->Downloads, install the “Command Line Tools.”

Windows: MinGW C++ compiler is contained in Qt installer, select “MinGW” during Qt installation.

Step 2. Install Qt Libraries

Install Qt is quite easy, just download Qt online installer from, and run it.

Step 3. Get the source code

You can simply download a zip archive, which contains all source code.

The Pencil2D source code is hosted on Github. We use a source code management tool called Git to keep track of changes to the source code and share changes with others.

If you plan to contribute to the Pencil project, the best way to get the code is via Git.
(New article: How to contribute to Pencil development, To Be Done)

Step 4. Build Pencil2D in QtCreator

After downloading the source code files, go to its folder directory.

In the source code directory, double click the file to open it with Qt Creator.
Click Run button to build and run Pencil2D.

Have fun!

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