Hi everyone! A few months ago we launched the website to host Pencil2D, a fork of the original Pencil software, written by Pascal Naidon and Patrick Corrieri, which was no longer being maintained.

While it has taken some time to start this new project, it has now taken off. Matt Chang is our new developer and while he is hard at work.

Matt began by creating Git repositories on Github and Bitbucket, to host the source code for the project. He quickly fixed some bugs and released the first version of Pencil2D.

We started a dialogue about Matt’s work and his mission to fork Pencil, and people on the Internet soon started to to take notice. (For a history of Pencil, see this article; another one here is about 2D animation softwares on Linux)

After that, Matt got in touch with Konstantin from the Morevna fork, and they decided to merge their repositories so as to have a single, active repo that would contain all history of commits, including Oluseyi and Morevna, as well as Matt’s branch. In the past 30 days, 136 commits have been made — among others, Matt has implemented custom shortcuts in Pencil2D.

We would like Pencil2D to become a tool that allows people to make animation sketches (or more complex animations) with a very simple, responsive software, where you can focus on animating.

Pencil2D is just starting out, but there is a feeling around here that things are moving forward. There is still a lot to do, but we are sure there is a place in the animation world for Pencil2D — while there is a lot of software available for vector animation and sketching, both open and closed source, there isn’t much available for raster animation with the simplicity that Pencil2D could offer.

We would love you to join our Pencil2D community. We also need you to test Pencil2D, spread the word about it and report bugs, as well as eventually contribute to its code: Matt is actually the only developer working on it, and he surely needs some help !

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The Pencil2D team

PS : thanks to Kathryn for having reviewed this text !