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  • Pencil2D in Hacktoberfest 2019!

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    We are pleased to be accepting Hacktoberfest participants again this...</span> </li>

  • Hotfix for Windows Unicode filename issue

    We just released a hotfix version for a Unicode filename issue found recently on Windows. It fixes a failure of opening a .pclx which has Unicode characters in...</span> </li>

  • Pencil2D v0.6.4 released!

    Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, we have another release for you! Only 2 months after v0.6.3, we are releasing v0.6.4.

  • Pencil2D v0.6.3 is here!

    After 6 months of work, we’re finally ready to wrap up the version 0.6.3 with new features, enhancements and bug fixes that have been worked on by the community. <a...</span> </li>

  • Share your work & help Pencil2D

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    Today me, Tomorrow you

    Lately we’ve been really quiet mainly because we’re hard at work with the inminent...</span> </li>

  • Pencil2D in Hacktoberfest 2018!

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    We are pleased to be participating in Hacktoberfest this year...</span> </li>

  • Maintenance Release: Pencil2D 0.6.2

    Welcome to Pencil2D v0.6.2!

  • Maintenance Release: Pencil2D 0.6.1

    We are excited to announce our first maintenance release after v0.6 with dozens of bug fixes and improvements. Please go to our Download Page and download the new version.

  • Introducing Pencil2D 0.6

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  • Pencil2D Translations Moved to Transifex!

    Hello friends of Pencil2D,

  • Pencil2D has taken off!

    Hi everyone! A few months ago we launched the website to host Pencil2D, a fork of the original Pencil software, written by Pascal Naidon and Patrick Corrieri, which was...</span> </li>

  • The Vision for Pencil2D

    Abstract: The document is an attempt at defining the concept behind the Pencil project. It is designed to serve as a reference and guideline for contributors of the Pencil...</span> </li> </ul>