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Today me, Tomorrow you

Lately we’ve been really quiet mainly because we’re hard at work with the inminent release of version 0.6.3 (it’s coming soon, promise). We’ve also had several proposals and implementations of interesting features submitted by our contributors over the past months, some of them are currently in the works, while others are pending thorough review & approval.

With all of this workload it’s very hard for us to thoroughly test and inspect every little nook and cranny of the software which is why we now turn to you, our faithful community, for assistance. We are in need of YOUR help!

Through the development of this project we’ve found that users have applied Pencil2D in very different settings ranging from slide presentations to web banners, all the way to short films and videogame sprite graphics animation.

There are too many different uses for us to create tests for all of them, so in order to help create a comprehensive, in-depth testing and development process, we’re looking to collect all kinds of voluntarily submitted project files from you, our beloved users.

Sharing is Caring

If you’ve used Pencil2D before and still have some of your animation project files lying around, we would be very grateful if you could please consider sharing them with us.

For this we have created a simple form to you to upload** your project files.

And you can read all related information in our Share Projects page:

**Note: You can ONLY upload *.PCL or *.PCLX files, any other file will be rejected by the system.

It doesn’t matter if the animation is good or bad, finished or unfinished, every single one will help make Pencil2D a better software!

Privacy and Good Will

If you choose to share your work, by default your files will be only accessible to trusted members of the Pencil2D team, additionally if you choose to make them public we can add them to our media repository in order to create videos, GIF’s, screenshots and any other support media to be used in our software documentation and showcase gallery (with visible credits and licensing of course)

Thank you in advance for your help and stay tuned for more news!